Monday 2 January 2017

online Yamuna inventory management system php project

 Online Yamuna Inventory Management System Projects primary thought is to build up a product interface for godowns for overseeing aggregate exchanges of merchandise and conveys and cash management. Clients are given with graphical GUI to getting to notable information. This application gives graphical charts to view information for simple understanding and overseeing day by day exchanges with admission and active information said plainly.

This application deals with incorporated database. Changes made at customer site will be thought about database. This product deals with online stage which bolster single client login.
Existing system deals with manual procedure where record upkeep is not a simple undertaking. In this strategy it is difficult to recover more established records and there are shots of loosing information. Utilizing this new system can take care of all the above issues and give secure and easy to understand application.

online Yamuna inventory  management
Project Rate :Rs.2500