Monday 2 January 2017

freelancer Advance php project

freelancers website  Concept is very simple. Service seekers post their requirements and the service providers make bids for doing the job. You can earn heavily in different ways like project commissions, membership fees (multiple membership levels), featured project fees, featured service provider listings etc.

Featured of Freelancer

1. Post Project

Service seekers / webmasters post their projects (requirements) with youtube videos.

2. Bidding starts

Service providers / programmers/ designers place their bids and also set milestones.

3. Evaluate Bids and Bidder Profiles

Service providers profiles tell about their skills, reviews, repeat rate etc. It also has animated portfolio gallery,references, certifications, youtube videos and google map.

4. Message board to discuss project

Freelancer script also has project message board (PMB) to clarify doubts during bidding process.

5. Choose service provider

Then webmaster chooses the service provider. They can also add funds to escrow account or they can pay initial milestone.

6. Track progress and share files

During the project webmasters and programmers can share project files and track project progress. They can also do live chat.

7. Job Completed

Service provider completes the job and service seeker pays them through freelance marketplace script member area.

8. Review and Rate Each Other

Then they place review & rating for each other. Site keep track of ratings, earnings till date and repeat hire rate etc. for service providers.

Features that make Freelance  special

General Fees

You earn in multiple ways like membership fees, featured project fees, featured programmer fees, project %age commissions etc.

Configurable site colors

Fully configurable site colors, fonts, style, site icons etc. directly from admin panel (no coding knowledge needed).

Fully Front end language translatable

Translate all front end text strings from one file. Db data shows as it is. Admin panel is in english.

Live Chat

Freelancers script supports live chat between members.

Admin defined fields

On project posting form you can add additional fields to gather more info relevent for your industry.

Membership levels

Support for different membership levels for service providers.

Project posting with SEO

Post project along with meta-data, keyword rich URL text, youtube videos and google maps.

Easy bidding system

Easy bidding system with milestones, escrow system and project message board for clarifications

Programmer directory

Browse programmer directory & easily invite programmers to bid on your project in freelance marketplace script

Member profiles

Member profile with many different options like profile info, skills rating and reviews, about team members, earnings till date etc.

Useful info in profiles

Member profile also has repeat hire rates, animated portfolio gallery,references, certification, company videos and google map.

Interactive features

Social bookmarking , email alerts, project notifications, project invitations, winner notifications etc.

Project progress tracking

Track project progress with project tracking system and full internal messaging system with live chat.

Useful sections

Freelance marketplace script displays latest projects, featured projects, featured service provider profiles and browse projects by skills on home page.

Browse projects

Project browsing by skill with featured service provider profiles, search projects, advanced search and service provider directory.

Powerful admin panel

Site admin can configure thousands of different parameters, configure contents of all out-going emails, set SEO parameters etc.

Payment gateways

Paypal integration, transaction management, automatic commission deduction , automatic deduction of applicable fees.

Content control

Freelancer script gives full control over website content, edit projects, profiles bids etc. and IP Block system to block certain IPs.

Great earning potential

Many paid options like featured projects, featured programmers profiles, membership fees and project commissions etc.

     Freelance  (SEO Features)

Search engine visibility

Great search engine visibility of projects and skill categories

URL rewriting

URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) with keyword rich URLs

Project meta-data

Freelancer script supports separate meta-data for each project

Skill category meta-data

Freelance marketplace script uses separate meta-data for each skill category

Search engine friendly layout

Layout of pages is extremely SEO friendly

Smart <TITLE> tags for projects and skills

Unique <TITLE> tag contents for each project and skill category       

Freelance  (Features for Programmers / Service providers)

  1.   Browse project by skills
  2. Advanced search for projects
  3. Manage Freelancer profile
  4. Build reputation / reviews
  5. Build online portfolio
  6. Video profile with youtube videos
  7. Attach google map with profile.
  8. Upload certifications
  9. Create online team in freelance marketplace script
  10. Upload company info
  11. Make profile featured
  12. Multiple membership levels
  13. Search projects
  14. Browse projects by skills
  15. Get project notifications by email
  16. Get listed in service provider directory
  17. Bid on projects
  18. Get clarifications thru PMB (project message board).
  19. Set project milestones
  20. Secure your payments thru escrow system
  21. Work on projects
  22. Send updates thru project tracking system
  23. Share files with webmasters
  24. Live chat with project webmaster
  25. Get rated
  26. Rate webmasters
  27. Get paid via freelancer script
  28. Check project invitations
  29. View your transactions
  30. Withdraw your earnings.      

Freelance  (Features for Webmasters / Service seekers)

  1.  Post projects
  2. Quick project posting without pre-registering
  3. Set budget and bidding duration
  4. Attach videos
  5. Attach google map (on/offable)
  6. Video profile with youtube videos
  7. Make project featured
  8. Post project clarifications
  9. Bid notifications
  10. Upload files
  11. Choose programmers
  12. Add funds to escrow account
  13. Pay for milestones
  14. Project tracking system
  15. Send & receive files (project progress tracking)
  16. Live chat with programmer of the project
  17. Add funds to account
  18. Pay programmers
  19. Pay bonus to programmers for additions
  20. Rate programmers
  21. Browse service provider directory
  22. Invite service providers to bid
  23. Build reputation and get more competitive bids
  24. Get rated
  25. Edit profile
  26. Change password
  27. Email alerts
  28. Password retrieval system     

Admin End Features

  1.  Real time site stats
  2. Manage members
  3. Edit/remove suspend members
  4. Manage member profiles
  5. Manage videos, portfolios etc.
  6. Export all members
  7. Email all members
  8. Manage projects
  9. Edit, delete, disapprove, close, extend projects
  10. Manage videos, escrow and bids
  11. Manage additional fields for projects
  12. Manage bids
  13. Manage PMB messages
  14. Manage reviews and ratings
  15. Backup site database
  16. Clean up routines
  17. Change admin area password
  18. Manage site color schemes
  19. Manage icons sets
  20. Manage languages
  21. Configure all outgoing mails
  22. Manage news
  23. IP block list
  24. Set freelancer site SEO data
  25. Hundreds of configurable options
  26. Site approval parameters
  27. Enable /disable videos, maps, seo mode etc.
  28. Manage captcha settings
  29. Manage billing and fee parameters
  30. Link paypal account
  31. Define membership plans
  32. Set commission rates for different levels
  33. Featured profile packages
  34. Project parameters
  35. Add, edit and remove skills
  36. Import skills
  37. Export skills
  38. Shift projects between skills
  39. Manage webmaster/programmer transactions
  40. Add/remove funds to accounts
  41. Social bookmarking codes
  42. Complete ad management system
  43. Unlimited ad slots
  44. Banner and text ads
  45. Manage visitor feedbacks
  46. Reply to user questions     

   freelancer  Advance php project
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