Friday 27 January 2017

contact management system using c

Contact Management System is a simple console application without graphics. It is similar to the contact manager in cell phones. In this  project, you can add, view, edit, search and delete contacts. All added and edited records are saved in a file.

You can list contacts by name, phone no., address and email. File handling has been used to record all data. I have used data structure to store the user name, email and contact. Overall, understanding the simple source code of this project will teach you how to add, edit, search, list and remove data using file.
The source code for contact management system project in C is complete and totally error-free. It is short and simple – just over 200 lines. You can download the source code and application file from the link below and compile it in Code::Blocks IDE.

About Contact Management System in C:

File handling, data structure, functions, and pointers are the main things which make up this simple C mini project. The key features of contact management system are listed below:
  • Add new contacts: with information such as name, phone number, address, and email
  • List all contacts: lists all the contacts stored in file with their respective contact details
  • Search contacts: based on name and phone number
  • Edit contacts: edit information given while adding the contacts – name, phone number, address, and email
  • Delete contacts: deletes contacts from file
This project is somewhat similar to the Phonebook application mini project we published earlier. Both of these mini projects use file handling and data structures. They are built just as a console application suitable for beginners to learn and make simple mini projects.

contact management system using c
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