Monday 2 January 2017

online yamuna book store php project

Online Yamuna Book  store  Shopping Site is a tool which is used in the automation of Books Selection and Purchase in an Online. In this tool, the books will be automated,Searched and Purchased by the customers dynamically and the reports on the same. 

The proposed system of Online Book Shopping Site is fully an automated one. In the proposed Shopping Site, the customer in online can view the Books details and requirements put forward by them. Online Books purchase is also possible with this system. As the proposed system is a centralized one, redundancy can be avoided; moreover the coordination of different departments becomes much easier.
 The online interaction between Customers and administrator is also possible. The administrator is the one who is adding all the books details either through online or in direct for editing books day by day manner.

 Existing System:

The Existing system for Online Book Store System is a manual process. Takingexisting system in to consideration, we can find that the customer has to interact withthe Books Shops in person, brief on the requirements they expect and so on. All theserequire more time and labor. The data collected may be inconsistent, redundant andgetting in touch with a remote customer will become impossible.
Drawbacks of the Existing System:

 The existing system has the following disadvantages:
1       Requires many departments to handle variety of tasks.
2       Involves lot of paper work.
3      No proper assignment of responsibilities would be there.
           No electronic workflow, processing and approvals.
5      No automation and centralization of records.
6      Low and dragging access to records and details on employees.
7      New changes cannot be easily implemented.
8      Loss of records is probable to occur, as it is paper works.
9      Difficulty in searching the records as no serialization is involved.
   Accumulation of records as organization extends.

Need For the Proposed System:

The proposed system Online Book Shopping Site is fully an automatedone. In the proposed system, the customer online can view the Book details andrequirements put forward by them. Online registration is also possible with this theproposed system. As the proposed system is a centralized one, redundancy can beavoided; moreover the coordination of different departments becomes much easier.

Above all the system provides high security for all its data. The proposedsystem is mainly required for the listed as:

1      Easy updating of information
2      Provides online registration facility
3      Status of processing can be verified and identified at any stage of process
4      Efficient allocation of resources
5      Ensures timeline management

Proposed System:

1     Improve business practices and streamline operations.
2      Reduce the need for departmental system.
3      Provide a single point of entry for information.
4      Provide electronic workflow, processing’s and approvals.
5      Automate audits and edits, and centralize rules administration.
6      Improve information access at the employee, user and administrative levels.
7      Provides new functionality.
8      Entry-level users have been provided with the facility to access and completeonline forms.
9      Automatic review of plans, policies and eligibility requirements.
  Automatic identification of taxable wages.
1  The time keeping function included in the proposed system will supports thecapture of information based on an employee’s work schedule.
        The Leave Management module maintains balances for leave benefits andbalances.
    Non-technical users will be able to create and retrieve contrivance planningmanagement reports.
1        Electronic routing and approvals of attendance can be implemented.
     Access and ability to change personal information such as contact address,email address etc.

System  Configuration :

Hardware Configurations:

Processor                     : Pentium 4, higher version
RAM                           : 512 MB
Hard Disk                   : 40 GB space


Operating System       : windows 2000, xp ,vista , windows7
Web Server                 : Apache
Technology                 : PHP
Backend                      : mysql
Scripting language      : php
Web Design                : HTML, DHTML, CSS

           online yamuna book store
            Project Rate :Rs2500