Sunday 1 January 2017

online library management system php project

This project is online library management system . The user has an option to register and create their own account. The user has limited access on the system. They can only check for books available. Only the admin can access the full system. He/she can check for books available, add books, view records and other transactions.


1) Purpose

The purpose of this application are as follows :
The software is for automation of library.
It provides following facilities to Operator
Can enter details related to a particular book.
Can provide membership to members.

Admin :

1. Can read and write information about any member.
2. Can update, create, delete the record of membership as per requirement and implementation plants.

2.) Scope :

The different areas where we can use this application
are :
Any education institute can make use of it for providing information about author, content of the available books.

It can be used in offices and modifications can be easily done according to requirements.

3.) Technology Used :

Front End:-PHP

Back End:-MySQL

4) Functionality

  • Borrowing and returning of books according to the schedule given.
  • Allows the administrator to add and view all of the recorded books and borrowers.
  • It also prints the number of borrowers and the books they’ve borrowed.
  • and most of all it has the option to back-up the database which is the most important of all.

 Project Rate  Rs.2500

online library management system