Sunday 1 January 2017

online police station system

This Software Requirements Specification provides a complete description of all the functions and specifications Police Station WEBSITE. With the help of this software people can easily submit their FIR in the Police Station. So all the processes of FIR done very easily.

          (Following are the jobs to be done by the system:
A FIR form is provided through which citizens can enter the details in FIR form of the crime reported. This data once entered can be edited/deleted as required there will  be vast entries of data administrator can scroll the data.
 Citizens can serach nerearest police station.
 User can reading news of crime, criminals, and many information .

“WEBSITE ON Police Station”  can handle data of criminals who are under the judicial surveillance or are trial.
This portal will be most use for Police Department/ DEFENCE for searching for criminals. 

Anyone can report a FIR online, MISSING citizen search, secure registration and profile management facilities for detectives and security agencies, Facilitate communication between all stakeholders- Discussion forms.
System Analysis
-              www.Delhi
          Technologies to be used
           In following description we are going to introduce what   
     technology  going to use.
          (1) PHP
-Dreamweaver 0.8
          (2)Mysql 5.0
-query browser
-Work Banch 05.0.1
  3) XAMPP WIN-32-1.6.3a 

Project Rate Is Rs.2500

online police station system