Sunday 1 January 2017

Online HCL Test system

This is the HCL Computer Project homepage. When the project is
Run it starts with this page. There given the different option e.g.
About HCL computer, HCL Camera, HCL Radio, HCL Printer, company,

Company advantage, company Quality. When different options are clicked different forms are opened. When about you know the HCL Computer clicked on the HCL Computer. This form contains link to internet. This homepage is opened different options are seen. This is the main form of it. Different forms are linked with it. When company is clicked company form is opened. When Picture is clicked the computer information is open. When  sign up is clicked, you can register in the HCL website.


Home Page
Register Page
Login Page
Change Password
Message Form
For the stock information form
Stock Info
Homepc stock info.
Leptop stock info.
Printer stock info.
Camera stock info.
Radio stock info.
Information of Homepc
Information of homepc sparts
Homepc details
Notebook information
HCL Camera information
HCL Beepos information
HCL Radio information
HCL Leptop Model

 Project Rate Rs.2500
Online HCL Test system