Thursday 30 March 2017

Ionic 2 Framework Mobile App Development

step by step tutorial to create hybrid mobile app.

This is getting started tutorial for creating a mobile app using Ionic 2 Framework. Ionic 2 is the successor of the Ionic framework that use has been published a lot of app in Google play and iTunesConnect. The development process is familiar with front end programmer because it's used Angular 2, HTML, CSS and Typescript. Before we started this thing below must do:
1. Installing node.js using installer or using package manager
2. Install ionic 2 and cordova
$ npm install -g cordova
$ npm install -g ionic
It's enough for us to start.
Now, let create the first app with default tab menu layout brought by ionic.
$ ionic start firstapp tabs --v2
Go to newly created folder
$ cd firstapp
Run your first ionic app
$ ionic serve
You can see the result in browser that automatically opens when app run as http://localhost:8100
Ionic 2 Framework Mobile App - Welcome Page Browser
If you want to run app in iPhone simulator, add ios simulator and ios deploy
$ npm install -g ios-sim
$ npm install -g ios-deploy
Run app in iPhone simulator
$ ionic run ios
Now you can see your app in iPhone SE simulator with ios 10
Ionic 2 Framework Mobile App - Welcome Page
Ok, this is it for today. Next, I will explain the structure of ionic 2 apps.

Thank You.