Tuesday 14 March 2017

Install and Use Android Studio on Ubuntu 16.04

Android Studio is complex software from Google for Android developers to build android apps for phone, tablet, wearables, glasses, TV and android things. So, let us see   install and use android studio on Ubuntu 16.04 machine. Installing Android studio is'nt big task because the whole process has become simpler nowadays. Lets's dive into the step by step tutorial.

Prerequisites : 

  • 64 Bit Ubuntu Machine.
  • Sudo user access and active network connection.

Step 1 : Installing Dependencies

But first, let's update the package database:

  • sudo apt-get update
Open your terminal and start typing the command. remeber that you need sudo privildge to do so below command.

sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386 lib32z1 libbz2-1.0:i386

Step 2 : Download Android Studio

Visit Official Android Studio Developer page - Link and start downloading Android Studio Zip file which will be around 400 - 500 MB.
  • Unzip the Android Studio Zip package and extract to your /home/username directory
Extract archive.
$ unzip android-studio-ide-145.3360264-linux.zip -d ~/bin
$ sudo ~/bin/android-studio/bin/studio.sh

if necessary add chmod u+x execute permission for studio shell script file

Step 3 : Android Studio Customization

After executing the above command now, Android studio automatically starts up and asks for customization of IDE and installing relevant android sdk for network.

1) Click Next to start

2) Now select Standard in Install type while installing android studio in ubuntu 16.04. This will auto configure for you without wasting any time.

3) Now this is to show a review of the Android SDK verification screen where you would be shown amount of SDK to be installed via internet. use some good network connection to download all those relevant SDK for development.
4)  Android studio detects whether your machine and OS can run emulator for testing android apps and automatically checks the virtual device image file for download. I strongly recommend you to try latest virtual device 7.1 Android Nougat for very fast and speed emulator for testing.

5) Click Finish and now the download starts for you.

After downloading click finish and now Android Studio is set  ready to use for Development purpose. Check for updates via Help -> check for updates in Android studio for regular updates. because improvised android studio versions are much speeder that older one which i felt in my own personal experience.
To make you more productive use these below plugins,
  1.  Android Wifi Debugging - Link - This allows you to connect to Android phone without any USB connection for debugging, but connected in same network
  2.  SVG2VectorDrawables - Link - This plugin allows you to convert SVG to drawables without leaving Android studio


There's a whole lot more to Android studio than has been given in this article, but this should be enough to getting you started working with it on Ubuntu 16.04. Like most open source projects, Android studio is built from a fast-developing Android application, so make a habit of visiting the project's blog page for the latest information.