Wednesday 15 February 2017

YouTube being as Facebook Messenger

 As people see the videos on YouTube or get the opportunity to comment on them. that mean
but Now YouTube introduce messenger App like Facebook messenger  users .Like the Facebook Messenger app in the video sharing platform, Google will be able to share videos,written messages and links together And will not need to go out.This time messenger trial is underway in Canada  from YouTube.According to YouTube Canada will decide for this trial because that it shares most videos than any other country of the world. YouTube Messenger is just specific clearly Messenger not videos messaging platform and features But it can set a very high impact on the future of Google's app.In fact,  Google want to defeat , Facebook, Amazon tried to snap chat in their field. Google believes he will be able to send messages directly to other YouTube users had submitted last year and in May 2016.Now it is not clear to consumers around the world will be available to the feature when it is clear that Google wants to make YouTube better than social media. If you are thinking of YouTube wants to use the messaging feature and who would believe that the company will increase the videos and they were sharing it within the app YouTube wants users should place the app where they can live and not have to get out to see the link.