Wednesday 8 February 2017

Microsoft Is Bringing Cortana To Your Android Lock Screen

Soon you may find digital assistances in all the mobile phones coming in the future. In 2015, Microsoft released its Cortana app for Android. With the latest release, its is trying to make its usage very simpler by incorporating it your lock screen. You can simply turn left or right and ask her to help in various tasks and questions.

Cortana is capable of setting alarms, browsing the web, making calls, sending emails, opening applications and even more up on your voice commands. It’s also worth noting that Cortana on the lock screen doesn’t ask for your PIN before opening up. This means anyone with physcial access to your device will be able to access Cortana, which could be a problem if your calendar or other media files are connected to it.
As Windows smartphones aren’t really in high demand, making Cortana on Android more functional also plays into Microsoft’s wider goal of keeping users in the company’s ecosystem even when they’re not using a Windows-powered device.