Friday 17 February 2017

Fully Approve Google AdSense Account in 2017

Google AdSense is the Most ads network company to monetize a blog or a website.Earn Many other Ads networks are available(in world) in the Internet but AdSense is the first Ads network  that comes to mind of every Blogger or Website to monetize money their blog or website and earn the lots of money.There are Many people start Blogging or website for Passion or to Become popular in world wide web.But Best of the blogger or Website start blogging to make money with AdSense.Some New website or  blogger apply for AdSense without reading and knowing about the Basic Rules and content of AdSense and finally get rejected.So, in this My best Post to, I just shared you , my experience about the common reasons why AdSense reject you (This is a specific Reason)and How I Got Google AdSense Approved in the first attempt(know basic rules).

Step BY step Get Approved by Google Adsense with YouTube :
First of all Create Google Account if you have Already Google Account , So SKIP.
And then Go to This YouTube(video chanel) Monetization Page.
Now in Monetization TAB in youtube you can See the Option of “Enable My Account” in youtube. Just Click on It button.
Now After Doing This a Model Pop-Up Dialog Box is Open that is “Term & Conditions”(Please read this term).and  Accept it.
and Now this page will Open Where You can Click on “Monetize” Button(Click and show doller sign).
have You can Enable your “Monetization Option” in this page for your Youtube videos.
You are half completer adsense Lets Do It, Now  and Time to Approve Google Adsense (Easy way).
have a UPLOAD, 5-10 Unique Video(Not copy video) that you create by him Self or unique.
Some Wait..! and then Get Some Views on Your Youtube Videos(uniq id or unique country or ip address).
Now have a  Again go To “YouTube Monetization Page” there and Find the Option select to the  “How Will i Paid” and Expand it and Click on (link to click) “ This select Associate a Adsense Account Link”.
Your Screen will Open Where you Submit the URL of Your Channel(Crate a chanel name) Where you want to Show Adsense Ads(Two side).
now then Click on – Continue click button and Submit or request this Application.
Last Wait..! for a 1-2 Hour, Check Your mail(inbox) Inbox and you got Mail From Adsense and show Program two ways(Approved or Rejected).
Common Reason Why AdSense Reject an Application.
There are not Insufficient content/Content Issues:
Does not Proper Design/Layout Issues:
Not Avilable Important Pages:
does not follow basic rules and The site does not comply with Google policies and terms and conditions:

Google Adsense to get Approved For Golden Steps

1)   King Of the Content:

The Most IMP “Content”
First : Write High Quality Content
Second : Unique Content
And Attractive Content
Third : “Content is King” never copy

2)  Select Use Top Level Domain:

-Sweet and Small
-custom domain
-Relatives Domain
-using .com,.in and .org etc.

3) Must have required page.

-create a About Us(Must)
-and Create the Privacy Policy page(MUST)
-and Last crate Contact Us Page.

4) Age of the Domain and blog/web

– please wait minimum 6 months required.
-and fullfill critearea 6-months in approved adsense ads.

5) Total number of content (POST)

-How many POST required..?
there are fully unique 12 or 15 POST need to approve adsense account.

6)  Not Copy content:

-Does not used any web copy
– your self to create a unique content.
-always linking in your page

7)    Every day Traffic and Ranking of your Blog or webpage:

-Every day show your web or blog 50 to 100 visiters.
-and it’s visiters are unique.
-different ip address to get visiters.

8) Design and Template

-Google adsense design is a main part of the adsense.
-Fully responsive and navigation are clearly show.
-template and design should be responsive and user friendly.

9) Last Read Google adsense Policy

-follow Google Adsense terms and conditions and send request
-inough content and design are main part.

10) Add must Title and meta tag in web or blog

-images title caption and alt tag provide
-meta tag and focus tag included
-header tag is required. like H1,H2…