Wednesday 8 February 2017

Facebook merge page merge

So far we have seen in our social media experiences; Our customers have tried to open and manage multiple pages for their brands on Facebook. The reason why the same brand has more than one business page is that sometimes it is working with non-professionals, sometimes the people in the company are not aware of each other. At this point, our customers have split the target mass and made the choice of user name difficult.

Facebook offers us the ability to merge repetitive pages for this. In this way, you will be locked from one page to the other, that is, you will communicate with your customers and you will not be forced to choose a user name.
How will you do this?
1. First, make sure you use your page with your individual username.
2. Enter your page.
3. Click the "Edit Page" - "Edit Fields" tab.
4. Select "Merge Pages" by selecting the second title at the bottom.
5. Finally, select the "Request consolidation of duplicate pages" option.

After your request is approved; For the page you're going to lose, you'll be on a non-irreversible path. After the pages are merged, "likes" and "placemarks" will be transferred to the page you are going to combine; But you need to know that the photos, videos, and post comments of your page, which you will lose, will not be transferred to the new page.
If you do not forget, you will not be able to take it again after combining the pages.