Tuesday 3 January 2017

online yamuna image gallery php project

online Yamuna image gallery is wonderful php  for running your image gallery site. Key benefit is that PHP image gallery  very easy to   operate. Get your gallery site up and live in minutes. Just put your images in one directory only and instruct the php gallery script to add all those images and that is it.


Very easy to setup and maintain


Very organized gallery with multilevel categorization

One click access

Visitors have one click access to all categories and subcategories

Suggest photos

Visitors can also suggest photos in php gallery script

Color customizable

Colors, graphics of the site are fully customizable from the admin panel.You can very easily define new color schemes and icon sets


Highly configurable parameters

PHP image gallery has potential to hook visitors to the site

Rating system

Rating system is also included in php gallery script

     Uses and applications of online Yamuna image gallery

Photo gallery website

Dedicated photo gallery site

Gallery section

Gallery add-on for your site

Traffic booster

Increase traffic for your site

Business growth

More traffic means more customers

Advertising revenue

Earn through advertising on the site

        Front End Features

  1. Direct access to photos through simple interface
  2. One click access to all categories and subcategories
  3. Personalize site color setting to his liking
  4. Browse multilevel categories through cool interface
  5. Search based on filename, title or keywords
  6. Sort images in PHP image gallery by rating or by latest posted
  7. View images posted in recent times, like today, this week, last 30 days etc
  8. Rating system
  9. Suggest photos to admin for inclusion in the gallery
  10. Automatic thumbnail generation for quick browsing and smaller download times  And more...

        Admin End Features

  1. Fully customize site colors
  2. Create new color schemes
  3. Save, edit or apply existing color schemes to site
  4. Create new icon sets
  5. Save, edit and apply icon sets for the site
  6. Extensive usage stats
  7. Configure site display parameters
  8. Turn automatic thumbnail generation on/off
  9. Restrict file size for suggested photos
  10. Enable disable watermarking
  11. Set thumbnail width for PHP image gallery photos
  12. Cleanup routines to cleanup database as well as extra files from server
  13. Regenerate thumbnails option makes php gallery script is very special
  14. Category Management Console helps admin to add, edit, delete categories.
  15. Image Management Console to add, edit, delete, hide, activate them.
  16. Recursive upload by browsing subdirectories and creating corresponding categories
  17. Admin can configure Header/Footer of the site.
  18. and much more in this image gallery script...     

online yamuna image gallery
project Rate:Rs. 3500