Monday 2 January 2017

job portal advance php project

It is a platform where company and a student can meet each others, Company finding portal makes it easy to search, contact and hire a great local student. Finding an company at your area is easy. you can search company on broad categories. Using various tool, you can search companys on location, major industries. Once you get the page showing list of company.

Have all the control on portal, and register user
User (Student):
Register profile, Find company, Send a enquiry, get respond ,update profile
Private Company:
Register their profile, search job, inquiry reply, and update profile

Existing system & need of the system
The existing manual system consists of search employee. The company requirment of all employees were done manually and it is very tedious to do recutment of every employee. There was possibility of wrong selection. Details of employee were recorded on paper. The recurement for job is maintained manually on paper. Employee deployment was recorded manually.
There is greater possibility of human errors while keeping different types of records likerecords of employee, expected salary,requirement of company, company  payment, recutment details, employee deployment etc. To overcome these problems, there is need for the new system.
Need of computerization system in day to day working is required because some qualities, accuracy, data maintain is gain by computerization, which was not all maintained manually.
Speed-computer is extremely fast. System is made in such way.
Quantity-Large amount of data can be process very quickly and effectively.
Error indication-If the user done any type of mistake then system is capable of showing errors.
Accurate result-System produces the results which are accurate as per the demand.
Limitations of Existing system
 Time consuming,
 It is very tedious,
 All information is not placed separately,
 Lot of paper work,
 Slow data processing and
 Not user-friendly

Objectives of the Proposed System
1        To makes it easy to search, contact and hire a great employee
2        To avoid delay & errors in recording.
3        To makes it easy to search companying jobs and contact students to provide them job services
4        To enhance speed of work.
5        To provide a platform where student can find company of their industry.

Software requirements:
  • Apache Server, PHP 5.2, HTML, AJAX, Mozilla, IE8
  • My SQL 5.2
Hardware requirements:
  • 80 GB hard disk and above
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Dual Core

 Project Rate:Rs.2500
job portal advance php project