Sunday 15 January 2017

face social network php project

face social network has created new ways to communicate and share information. Online Social networking sites are now being used regularly by millions of people and have become a part of everyday life for many people. Social networking has recently begun to be a key component of the internet business strategy for most “forward looking” companies. This serves as a main reason to study and build a social networking site. 

The purpose of this project is to analyze and build social networks which help the user to maintain social life. A social network is a graphical model whose nodes correspond to entities within a social structure and whose links correspond to interrelationships between them. The main objectives of this project are to get social networking site into a working condition and to find an optimal solution for the maintenance of relationships and an active life. Finally, I will implement basic modules that are commonly seen in Social Networking Site.PHP is used as Front end of this project and MySQL Server used as backend of this project. Simple Javascript, Jquery and AJAX scripting language used to develop this project.

Project features
Home Page:
  • Registration Form
  • Login Form
  • Post Text message
  • Upload  Images
  • Post and reply comments
  • Change Profile image
  • Update profile details
  • Update Contact details
  • Change Password
  • Search friends
  • Send Friend request
  • View Friend request
  • Accept Friend request
  • Inbox
  • Sent Messages
  • Compose message
  • Deleted messages
  • Chat feature
  • Upload  photos
  • Zoom Photo
  • Post comment

face social network php project Project Rate:Rs.2500