Saturday 31 December 2016

online mailing system php project

            Information needs to be always stored in a safe and secure manner.As computers have become an inevitable part of information processing, information is stored in either the system’s memory or the in the devices used for secondary storage. The secondary storage devices include a CD or the present plug and play USB drive. 
            Another way of storing a file in a secure method is to attach the file to your e-mail account. This helps you to access the data at any time and any where access to internet is available. 

Drawbacks of the existing system
            Storing data in a secondary storage device does not ensure any security. The data can be accessed by anyone who handles the device. Thus it cannot be used for storing confidential matter.  The storage device also has to be carried along with the person. If a thumb drive is used then the data can get corrupted due to virus infection.
            To store data by attaching a file to e-mail account, one needs to log into the account, create a message, attach the desired file and send it to themselves.  Attaching a file to your e-mail account puts a limit to the size of the file that can be attached to one mail.  For example, a GMail account allows 2GB storage, but only maximum of 20MB file can be attached with one mail.
2.2. Proposed System

Split Manger allows protocol independent access to files and folders with complete platform independence. It allows uploading of large size files. It is possible by splitting the original uploaded file into several sub-files of desired fixed size.Only the batch file containing the code for rejoining the original file will be uploaded with the mail.The receiver can easily download the batch file then by running the batch file the original file will be downloaded in the background hence the receiver can also minimize the time for downloading. It allows a user to access a virtual drive stored in remote mails like gmail. For that the user needs an account on the corresponding mailing system.
Advantages of proposed system
            Split Manager allows users to create an account and use the mailing system. Also it provides a facility to access other mailing systems like gmail. Compared to the existing mailing system Split Manager will be helpful to those who want to attach large files along with mails. User can attach files of any sizes. The user may not need to worry about the size of the file or bandwidth of the network.

online mailing system php project