Thursday 13 July 2017

complete Shortcut Key for android studio

Everyone wants to simplify working with Android Studio, thereby keyboard By this post, I can guarantee at least some of key shortcut for Android Studio will help you build faster. Until this time, even I don't know 80% percent of the shortcuts that the below model shows.

Android Studio is a lot better and easy to perform tasks than that of old Eclipse which is time taking. We always want to go faster, thereby we invented Android Studio above Eclipse. Hopefully, Android Studio knows what a user want to, and therefore it has a feature called 'autocomplete', just like Google Search engine describe it's users mind. With this feature on Android Studio, work became far easier. Here I added some of the shortcuts that have the higher chance of using while working with Android Studio.

  • Alt + Enter - Cast something easily.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Space - For easy casting a special type in findViewById()
  • Alt + F7 - To find the usage on the project.
  • Ctrl + P - Accessing Parameters.
  • Shift Shift - Search anything at anywhere around the project.
  • Shift + F6 - Rename a variable.
  • Ctrl + Shift + /(Slash) - Block a highlighted line with /* and \*

Now you can check the complete Android Studio keyboard shortcuts from the below high-resolution image, tap on it to enlarge and zoom to get a clear view.
Now I have covered each and every keyboard shortcuts for Android Studio, with all these easy navigations, you can now learn how to make Android apps in Android Studio or if you already know about it, go ahead and build your apps/games a lot easier from now. If you find this helpful, why not sharing with your friends? Hit the below social buttons and share your knowledge with others too!