Saturday 18 March 2017

Get the phone steal then get it in a few minutes

The phone has become such a necessity that even if it goes away from the eye for a while, it becomes very difficult. Sometimes it gets lost from us, so many times we forget it by putting it somewhere. If you have to call immediately or do some search on the internet, then it is very annoying to not get the phone. The good thing is that Google has created a feature that lets you find your phone very easily. This whole process is part of Google's device manager. You can do this even by going directly to Google Device Manager. There you will also get the option of locking the phone and blowing content.
The method is very simple:
1. Open Google's home page first. Sign in here with the Google Account ID, which you have registered in your Android smartphone.
2. Then search by typing on the Google homepage's search bar - 'Where's my phone?' As soon as you search this, a map will open in front of you.
3. In this map you will see the location of your phone shortly. Google will trace the location of your smartphone and will tell where it is.
4. If you have come from any other place and do not remember that the phone was missed there or somewhere else, then this feature is of great work. You will see the location of the phone where it is located. So you can find him in the right place. When you know the location, then go to the next step and take the next step.
5. If you have forgotten keeping the phone somewhere at home or have fallen somewhere around you, then you can ring it at full volume. Even if you have placed the phone on Silent mode, this feature will still work. Just do not end the battery. The ringing option will appear below the map.