Saturday 25 February 2017

Steps by Steps Installation nodejs on windows

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a one type of platform built on Chrome’s(Browser’s) JavaScript runtime for most easily building easy and fast and scalable network app’s.
Node.js uses the most way to an event-driven programs, non-blocking I/O model and that makes it lightweight data and efficient data, and perfect data for data-intensive apps and real-time app’s that run across distributed devices. Node.js used mostly Single Page Applications(spa’s) and JSON APIs created Applications.
Node.js Means = Runtime Environment + JavaScript Library = Node.js

List of Node.js Features

Node.js is Asynchronous and Event Driven.
and It’s very Fast other javascript. and It’s Single Threaded but Highly Scalable. and node.js is never/No Buffering data.It’s Include License .

Installation Overview :Local Environment Setup

  • Text Editor(Like Notepad.)
  • OS Edit command
  • Linux or UNIX.

Installation Steps

Step : 1 simple easy to Download the Windows OS installer from (JavaScript Frameworks)the Nodes.js® web site or click this button here.
Step : 2 and Now the Run the installer this file (the .msi file you simple easy way to downloaded in the previous step.)
Step : 3 Now,Follow the cmd prompts in the installer and check (Accept all the license agreement and terms and conditions, and check the click the NEXT button and a bunch of all times and select accept the default installation settings default settings).
Step : 4 Now Last step is the Restart your computer or shut down your computer. You won’t be able to here run Node.js® frameworks until you restart your computer and test is this command.

Node.js : Test it!

node -v
npm - v