Wednesday 8 February 2017

Live Hackers' Attacks on the World

The US-based security company Norse is tracking darkneti (Deepweb) seconds in hundreds of locations in 40 countries around the world. The real-time map you create with the information and analysis you gather from these networks reveals the dimensions of the cyber attacks around the world.

On the map of the source of the attackers, the species and the direction, China ranks first as the country that carries out the most cyber attacks. The United States is the country where attacks are most often directed. The US is also attracting attention as it is the second country to carry out the most attacks at the same time.
In Ankara, the centers of intense attacks are striking in Ankara and Istanbul. Besides America, Russia and Europe, Australia is a popular address where the attacks are directed from Turkey.
Norse's real-time map of the world's cyber wars:
This map also suggests Uplink Hacker, a popular simulator game. Those who are curious about cyber warfare can play this game.