Friday 17 February 2017

Google Voice Updated With Many New Feature

Google has today updated its ageing Google Voice app on iOS, Android and web to better reflect the design language of its modern apps, with Google Voice perhaps the last to be updated to bring it up to speed.
The app, and indeed the service, had been in dire need of some care and attention, which, thankfully, it received today. In a post to the Google blog, Jan Jedrzejowicz, product
Don’t worry though, Google Voice’s core competency is still front and center, and the voicemail aspect of the service has now also received a lick of paint. For example, the voice-to-text translation of voicemail messages has been updated to support Spanish, which rids Google of one oversight that took far too long to be rectified.
Google says that it has started to roll the updates out today, but it will take a few weeks before everything is live for everybody both on the web and the Google Voice backend.