Wednesday 8 February 2017

Facebook Helps Chrome And Firefox Pages Load Up To 28% Faster

Google today announced that it has worked with Facebook and Firefox to make page reloads in Chrome for desktop and mobile significantly faster. According to Google’s data, reloading sites with the latest version of Chrome now be about 28% faster. Normally when you reload a page, the browser will make  hundreds of network requests to see if the images and other resources it cached the first time you went to a site are still valid.

Now when you refresh a page, instead of downloading all of a website’s resources again, the web server instead checks what your device already has. and it’s the reason that refreshing a page is faster than accessing it for the first time.
Chrome software engineer Takashi Toyoshima wrote on the Chromium blog that this new behavior maximizes the reuse of cached resources and results in lower latency, power consumption, and data usage.”
However, this is not going to improve the speed when you load the the page for the first time but improve the speed than previous when you load an previously opened page. Read completely here on how exactly Facebook, Chrome and Firefox implemented them.