Wednesday 8 February 2017

Being a Conscious Internet User?

Nowadays, the internet which is in every house is now mobile with us except computers. How conscious we are when we use the internet and what purpose do we use the internet. In our age, the internet is being used for what purpose. I would like to give you a brief overview if it is a little more comprehensive. It is more accurate to say that this topic will never end in the short summary.
How conscious are we at first using the internet? Let's take a look at this topic.
The Internet is now used mostly for social networks. In social networks, we communicate with people and make daily updates from our lives as instant memories. Where are these shares going, who is looking? How are these shares and personal information displayed? I think it would be the most logical move here to classify us as close friends, family and malicious users. Let's talk a little bit about the malicious user outside the circle and our family. Malicious users? Yes my mind is the first to be serial killers, perverts, drug dealers and many more as I can not count the evil and the people who carry these evils, and these people actively use social networks. In this regard, I will refer to your social network accounts and how you use the internet in the parts that follow in the article.
We follow and interact with the people in our immediate vicinity. We see their share and make comments. We convey our feelings by liking what we really like. What is my friend doing and where? The first way to think about it is to examine the accounts in the social network so that we can easily learn when the question comes to mind. As in the old era, I can say that calling directly from the phone and sms method is now the past.

Being informed about our family members.
There would have been more guests. Patient visits, special day meetings etc. But he did not stay there anymore. Did our uncle travel? You can learn this while browsing my accounts on the social network. You can leave comments on your wishes under the shares made instead of traveling. A close relatives will die. But this bad news is spreading over the phone, everyone on the social network accounts have become publicized. I mean, all my life is now live on social networks.
Other than these, researchers and those who want to improve themselves can use the internet as an unlimited encyclopedia of the internet. I think it's a lot nicer to use in addition to other uses. I am happy if you say that I can balance in both. It is really nice to be informed of the latest technology, new systems and the information that will affect your life.
Those who read their learning life on computers are really lucky in this regard. Why do you say. This mantra becomes as long as they develop themselves.

Let's talk a little bit about our uses and attitudes about social network sites, forums, platforms and websites that are opened to many other worlds.
Let's first look at the purposes of using such internet sites.
1. Let's say acquiring the environment and establishing friendships.
Let's think about how we should transfer ourselves internete and how much we are doing these things.
How accurate is it to transfer your personal information? I do not know what you think, but if you do it, your head can really cause a lot of trouble. You ask why ? Let me explain by giving an example. Sharing your phone numbers clearly. When a malicious person sees it, he can use his phone number for different purposes or even to distribute his phone number, even if he has no problem with you to feed his evil.
So be sure to set your privacy settings so that only you can see them on internet sites that verify with a referral phone number.
Analyzing the profile, links and interactions of the person you are in direct communication will be very important in this regard. Why do you ask why? You can learn what your opponent's thoughts, attitudes, situation, and many more reflect. If we learn this, it may show that we are not able to approach the internet user.

Should we interact with everyone? How sincere do we need to be with people we interact with?
It would not be right if we interact with every pre-emptive person. So we must be very careful with our privacy settings while using our accounts on social networks. We should not allow anyone to communicate with you. Instead, we must interact with the people we want and those we choose, and we must adjust our settings accordingly. It is important to protect our sincerity, even if we always come close to establishing sincerity. This opinion may vary according to the person. Too much sincerity must always be remembered to bring us evil.
If you are dealing with people we interact with, our colleagues, close friends or any branch, it should be the right ones. In the backyard, I just do not know if someone on the road is on my profile, so be careful of the privacy as I always said, "Show the part you want to show to those you want to see from the outside.
Outside of the social networks, every area is now being used. Food order, shopping, making money, etc. Many areas are used.

What we should pay attention to in this kind of use. Especially nowadays, what internet pirates want most is credit card information, personal identity information, open addresses etc. A lot of information that can be used maliciously. It is not true to carry this information internets, but we have to oblige when we go for such purposes.
Let's talk about the things we need to pay attention to when communicating this information.

First, how much do you know about an internet site where you will shop? And how reliable and secure?
Always choose the internet site to be secure, reliable. Because the information that you give to your shop can be saved in the database of our internet site, and the information that you give to us can be kept in places that you do not know any letters you already clicked on the internet. If hackers are shopping and attacking the site and infiltrating your data base, then your reliable shopper does not mean anything. So it is widely known and widely recommended that you opt for very large shopping sites according to the internete. But remember that this choice does not mean that those big internet sites will not be attacked.

Use the internet as an unlimited encyclopedia and improve yourself.
  I can summarize this subject by giving an example from my own life. In my high school, I read the field database and university database programming but I can not graduate that is a separate subject. I work as a webmaster in a big company. The most important factor in reading the database is that I am always interested in the internete. I have developed blogs by creating free blogs and designing them with my curiosity. Later, my first domain started to work on WordPress by buying this personal blog in 2012. I have constantly developed myself by doing the Kurcala puzzle sol from scratch. I have mastered PHP, MSQYL and Content management systems. Of course, if you are dealing with these kinds of things, I do not want to know that I have to learn graphic design programs to produce my own graphics, and I am actively using Photoshop and Illerator programs. I've extended it a lot now. I will say that I have never seen any of these things in my life. I studied by studying on the Internet. I have a nice job and I am happy with my life. You can do this to you. If I do not sign great works, if I come to very good places. Thank goodness I have come to places that are still earlier and I am developing myself day by day.

Reading this article does not know what you are going to give, because everyone's point of view is different. But if the hope is to read and become conscious after reading, what a happy one. I wanted to pass on some of your experiences from my life.