Wednesday 8 February 2017

Appy Pie is the first drag-and-drop builder support AR/VR

Drag-and-drop app builder Appy Pie has announced virtual and augmented reality features which enable businesses without large budgets to deliver immersive experiences to users.
Last month, the director of developer relations at Salesforce contributed a piece for us proclaiming it’s time for an “upgrade” of users. In the article, Will Coleman argued the only solution for overburdened enterprise IT teams and developers is to empower users with the knowledge and tools required to solve problems themselves – leaving developers to focus on complex tasks.
DIY app building platforms such as Appy Pie help to deliver on Coleman’s vision. Users without specialist development knowledge can now build apps with some features that were once reserved for large enterprises with budgets to afford teams of expert developers and designers.
"We are proud to announce that we are the first DIY app platform to offer VR and AR features," said Abhinav Girdhar CEO and Founder of Appy Pie. "SMBs rarely have the resources and budget to integrate the latest and greatest technologies, and often at a disadvantage when competing with larger companies that do. With these new features, we are democratizing VR and AR, allowing small businesses to enhance their customer experience and better stand out from the competition. We're excited to see the creative ways our millions of users use the new technology."
Two main VR/AR features will be provided at launch for budding developers to incorporate within their Android and iOS apps – image recognition and tracking, and a panoramic and 360 video viewer.
Image recognition enables the app to identify millions of real-world objects, keep track of their position, and overlay augmented information where appropriate. The panoramic and 360 video viewer allows users to experience real-world locations and products within a virtual environment.
A restaurant owner, for example, could take a panorama of his restaurant on his iPhone and let users explore it no matter where they are in virtual reality. When customers look at the menu in the physical restaurant, images of the food could be recognised and nutrition information augmented to help them make informed decisions.
New technologies such as virtual and augmented reality are making it easier to differentiate from competitors, but the entry cost was high. With their latest update, Appy Pie is leading the way in breaking down barriers preventing creativity and putting advanced features within reach of us all.