Saturday 11 February 2017

7 computer tips that you should know

Yes! I know you are a computer enthusiast and you'll hardly know the computer keyboard shortcut, but wait ... Maybe you'll want to check out 7 computer tips below.

1. Do not use Ctrl + Alt + Del!

Instead use Ctrl+Shift+Esc. It will open the Task Manager directly!

 2. A disabled website right?

Copy the code below and create an executable from bookmarklets or Console (F12) to activate the right:


3. A Simple Way to Clear Your cache

 CTRL + SHIFT + R = Clear cache and reload the page.

4. How to access the pages Paywall?

 Some sites like allows you to read a few articles each month before you start your subscription. To continue, you simply delete the cookie and it will reset the counter of your readings. Instead, you can browse in incognito mode (Well, it is not just for porn!).
* Paywall: from just the start page you have to register or pay to continue to use / access.

5.  How to find the site no longer exists?

 Occasionally, we find a site that is now offline and you can not access it anymore. Please copy the URL to ... they often have a copy.

6.  Tracing the original image?

Right-click on any image on Chrome for tracing the original image, or similar images.

7. Open Notepad on your browser!

          You need a notepad on Chrome or Firefox ?

Copy and paste this code into the address bar. It will create a tab that you can write on it. You even can save content.