Sunday 12 February 2017

10 Best Javascript & jQuery Plugins in 2017

In this post I would like to share all the trending and Best  javascript and jQuery plugins of the year 2017. I personally used all the below plugins in my web development projects. I hope my readers will enjoy this


A jQuery plugin for creating autocomplete input fields. The library utilizes HTML5’s <datalist>, allowing devs to easily organize all the possible select values and their properties. It works well with multiple selections, has a clear UI, and is really easy to implement.


Siema is a 1kb JavaScript carousel plugin with no dependencies and no styling. This makes it extremely easy to set up and customize, since there is almost nothing to get in your way. The carousel effect itself is very smooth and the widget has support for touch gestures.


LoadJS is a tiny library for loading CSS and JavaScript dependencies asynchronously. It allows you to fetch multiple resources in parallel and provides a simple callback syntax for executing code once everything has finished loading. Only 710 bytes when minified and gzipped


Tiny JavaScript library for adding smooth pull-to-refresh effects to your mobile web apps. It doesn’t require any external dependencies and doesn’t add any extra HTML markup, you just need to use the simple JavaScript API and set it up the way you like.


Chart.js is unequivocally a powerful library. It’s fully responsive and supports all modern browsers in rendering that juicy data we all love so much. It’s completely free and open source on GitHub where you can find documentation and live examples.


Shave.js is a modern JavaScript plugin for truncating text within an html element.


List.js is a lightweight and fast vanilla JavaScript script that adds search, sort, filters and flexibility to lists, tables, or anything HTML.


SweetAlert2 is a beautiful and customizable replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes.


Focuspoint is a plugin for dynamically cropping images to fill the available space without cutting-out the image’s subject.

JQuery Lazy Loading

A lightweight but powerful delayed content, image and background lazy-loading plugin for jQuery & Zepto