Monday 2 January 2017

Yamuna gym management system php project

Yamuna Gym Management System  is an easy-to-use gym and membership management system. It helps you keep information of your associates and their subscriptions, and allows simple interaction between you and your associates. Gym Management System PHP MySQL Source Code is also feature-packed, assisting you in the control and development of one of your clubs.
The objective of the Yamuna Gym Management System is to offer a process which manages the details of individuals coming into the gym and maintaining their wellness. It manages all their wellness details through routine management. It even preserves the details of what and all medications used by individuals who join the gym through routine management. Data will be stored in the data source.

Yamuna Gym Management System allows the user to store the wellness,schedule and more details, the details person who is in the gym, gym equipment details etc.

Yamuna Gym Management System allows storing the details all the details related to gym. It is strong enough to hold up against regressive annually functions under conditions where the data source is maintained and eliminated over a certain time of span. The execution of the system in the organization will considerably reduce details entry, time and also offer readily measured reports.

Yamuna Gym Management System features:
  • Membership Management
  • Payment & Due Collection
  • Bar code Printing
  • A user-friendly management user interface.
  • Create/Edit/Delete Account plans
  • Member plan expiry and records position.
  • Income and Participant growth programs and analytic
  • Photo catch supported
  • Edit/Delete/View Participant details
  • Unpaid/advanced/new Payments
  • Member routine history and review generation 
                                              Yamuna Gym Management System
                                                      Project Rate:2500