Saturday 14 January 2017

yamuna classifieds php project

yamuna classifieds  is the potential classified advertisement websites that categorize objects in a user-friendly manner & displayed as an advertisement. Classifieds can be posted that involves selling, buying, organizing to meet people nearby your location. If you want to sell anything like bikes, computer, gadgets etc then you can post ad with complete details of the item.

Fully Optimized classifieds website script

Fully Optimized PHP classified software for search engines. Gives you loads of free traffic.

Distance based search

Zip code distance search & Google Maps support. Makes your site perfect for local & global use.

Fit for Global and local use

Run as Global or Local classifieds site. You set which countries/regions to enable.

Video classified ads

Video ads through Youtube video support. Give video ad option to advertisers without any bandwidth cost.

Photo gallery of classifieds

Image gallery and Video gallery with each classified. It is wonderful attraction for your advertisers.

Earn big, even with free classifieds site

Even a free classified ads site will earn for you. Because of multiple revenue streams (see below).

Fully color customizable

Set colors & icons from admin panel. No HTML knowledge required for this.

In-build promotional tools

Web site promotion tools like social book marking and RSS Feeds . Sharing and feed-readers do it for you. 

features of Yamuna  classifieds 2

Admin defined fields

You can define your own additional fields to ask for specific info on item posting page. E.g. for computer classifieds you can add Processor or Memory space fields.

Google ad support

Publish google ads or any text or banner ads using inbuilt ad publishing system.

Full control

Full control over web site content. Plus an automatic rude word filter.

Inter member-to-member messaging

Full Internal messaging system with inbox, outbox, contact list, block list etc is a perfect communication tool for buyers and sellers.

High security features

Lots of security features like Captcha SPAM protection, MD5 Encrypted passwords etc.

Databse backup utility

Inbuilt database backup utility. All this make this software really our #1 classified ads software.

Multiple payment gateways

Support for many payment options like Paypal,, e-gold, 2checkout and offline payments.

Any payment gateway service

Plus we also provide service for integration of additional payment gateways.

Fully Front end language translatable. Traslate it from one language file. Db data comes as entered. Languages like English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic etc.

Free Technical support

FREE Technical Support , just in case you feel stuck with something.

    Yamuna  Classifieds 2

Search engine friendly

Great search engine visibility of classified pages and category pages

Rich URLs

URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all the classified ad's detail pages along with separate meta tags

Hierarchical URLs

URL rewriting of all category pages in a multi level hierarchical manner for better Search Engine Visibility

Enhances SE visibility

SEO optimized to provide you better visibility in search engines (by using separate meta tags for each classified and category)

Smart meta tag use

Separate TITLE, meta description and meta keywords etc. for each ad and category   

      Front End Features

  1. Admin configurable colors
  2. Admin configurable icons
  3. Enable specific countries / regions
  4. Classified software has in-built Rude word filter
  5. Classifieds website software supports unlimited color schemes
  6. Unlimited icon sets
  7. Many color schemes
  8. Create new color schemes
  9. Front end Language translatable
  10. Social Book marking
  11. PHP classified software supports RSS Feeds
  12. Run as Global classifieds site
  13. Run as Local classifieds site
  14. Multilevel category structure
  15. Unlimited categories
  16. Define your own categories
  17. Quick Search
  18. Zip code distance search
  19. Advanced search
  20. Featured Video ad gallery
  21. Premium stores
  22. Captcha spam protection
  23. MD5 Encrypted passwords
  24. Automatic Email verification
  25. My Store page
  26. Automatic password retrieval
  27. Internal communication
  28. Contact list, Block list etc.
  29. Separate meta tags with ads
  30. WYSIWYG editor for ad posting
  31. Paypal buy now feature
  32. Image gallery with each classified
  33. Video gallery with each classified
  34. PHP classified software has Youtube integration
  35. Google Maps integration
  36. Dynamic thumbnailing
  37. Favorite ad list
  38. Convenient automatic email alerts
  39. My account
  40. Transaction history
  41. Multiple secure payment options
  42. Paypal,,2checkout
  43. Classified website software has Real time stats
  44. Ad publishing system
  45. Post banner/text ads
  46. Google ads / affiliate ads

        Admin End Features

  1. Category management
  2. Create, Edit, Remove categories
  3. SEO enabled (with unique meta data)
  4. Unlimited depth of category structure
  5. Checks against accidental deletion
  6. Category specific fields
  7. Shift classifieds between categories
  8. Real time stats
  9. Recent activity stats
  10. Various other stats
  11. Configure site parameters
  12. Configure colors and icons
  13. Set results per page for search
  14. Set many other similar parameters
  15. Image upload size restriction
  16. Enable email verification
  17. Switch URL rewriting mode
  18. Set auto member approval
  19. Set auto listing approval
  20. Manage various SEO parameters
  21. Set SEO URLs
  22. Set listing layouts (search results)
  23. Upload your logo
  24. Dynamic image thumbnailing
  25. Mass thumbnail regeneration
  26. Watermarking thumbnails
  27. Create color schemes
  28. Upload icons
  29. Set time zones
  30. Google Map parameters
  31. Manage youtube videos
  32. Define policies
  33. Get .htaccess code
  34. Configure automatic emails
  35. Offer signup bonus
  36. Set billing accounts
  37. Set posting fee
  38. Set enhanced listing fees
  39. Charge category specific fee
  40. Charge of image uploading
  41. Classified ad management
  42. Keyword / Status search
  43. Accept / reject ads
  44. Change or remove ads
  45. Create additional fields for listings
  46. Clean-up routines
  47. Clean unused photos
  48. Clean unused icons etc.
  49. Clear old listings
  50. User site members
  51. Find by name/keyword or id
  52. Mark premium stores
  53. Edit user profiles
  54. Suspend or remove members
  55. Manage financial transactions
  56. Credit or debit member accounts
  57. Check visitor messages
  58. Banner & text ad publishing
  59. Unlimited ad slots
  60. Unlimited ads

yamuna classifieds  Project Rate:Rs.6052