Saturday 28 January 2017

online Yamuna Auctions php project

 Online Yamuna Auctions  is an Extensive and Powerful script written in PHP. It has potential to generate very heavy revenues for you. Auction script is built with focus on increased ease of users and raised profits of webmasters.

All-in-one script

Supports auctions, dutch auctions, classifieds and buy now (pay-pal) items. 

Earn Big

Earn with posting fees, featured premiums, home page placements etc.

Easy WYSIWYG editor

WYSIWYG editor for writing description. So, no technical knowledge needed!

Seller/buyer rating system

Seller/buyer maintain their profiles and review each other. This benefits honest sellers.

Ad publishing 

Inbuilt Ad Management system to post banner ads set. You can sell ad space using this.

Photo gallery with each product

Each product can have its own photo gallery with any number of images.

E-mail alerts

Script sends email alerts at different stages to keep users updated.

Seller stores

Script maintains seller stores with store info, products and reviews

Front End Features

Classification of products into multilevel categories for easy browsing & efficient management
Seller account management
Seller can post any number of products for auction or dutch auction or as a classified ad or as a fixed price item.
Additional paid options like Highlighted, Bold, Front-page Featured, Gallery Featured items also available.
Auction script has image gallery associated with each product
Favorite product section where you can save the product you like for later reference
Internal messaging system for communication between buyers and sellers
Email alerts at appropriate times to buyers and sellers
Member Area for each seller and buyer where they can view stats, their purchases, bids, products, profile etc.
Seller profiles are maintained for all the sellers to give the buyers better idea about the sellers past record on the web site
Sellers can add special visual effects to their ads by paying extra price at any time via Paypal.
Image gallery for each product according to the Admin defined policies i.e. whether free/paid or both
Option to edit member profile
View billing stats for sellers/buyers
Customizable store for each seller
Full member feedback system
Maintain online contact list.
Maintain online block list
Post feedback
Lost password recovery mechanism
Extensive search and display options
Inbuilt Banner Rotation System with option for online purchase of banners.
Advertisers Area to help them keep track of their banner advertising needs.
Advertisers can see the performance stats for their existing banners.

Admin End Features

Administrator can view valuable stats like total categories, approved/unapproved products, products posted yesterday/ in last 7 days etc.
Administrator can add/edit/delete categories / subcategories
Administrator can edit/delete/approve/disapprove products
Administrator can add/edit/delete members and their products
Option to configure emails that are generated automatically at different stages
Monitor and edit/delete messages sent between members
Search available for members/products/billing transactions etc.
Email all members or particular member
View order history/bid history for each product
View/add/edit/delete billing transactions for any member
Configure various display parameters of the site like maximum duration of product posting, no. of free images, currency etc.
Configure prices for all paid features of the site
Manage banners and advertisers and their billing transactions
Manage banner plans for which advertiser will advertise
Customized Welcome message, Terms & conditions etc.
Administrator can add/edit/delete feedback to the members

online  Yamuna Auctions php project
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