Sunday 1 January 2017

online SportsClub Management System php project

A club management system project that provides and manages various club activities such as member registration, registration for various regular and vacation batches and more. The sports club management system software is a .net built system that manages the entire club activities and provides respective functionality for various types of visitors. 

This system is built with respect to managing a cricket club. It allows normal users to avail for club membership, book the ground at for desired days and even enroll for various activities in the club. The sports club management system is built keeping in mind various daily activities of a cricket club and the software automates all these club functionality for easy operation of the club.


·        User and Admin Account: It has two login accounts member login and admin login. Admin can check and verify various member details. He can approve or disapprove ground booking requests.

·        Ground Booking for events: Users can book ground for various events(marriage, show, other event.etc)

·        Book amount calculation acc to period of booking: The amount for booking the ground is calculated and given by the system depending upon the number of days.

·        Member registration: Users may register for club membership.

·        Cricket vacation and regular batch registration: Users may register for vacation and regular batch of cricket coaching.

·        Club news update: Admin may post news about club such as “club events, updates or news”. This news is displayed to all the users.

Software Specifications:
  • Technology Implemented :   Apache Server
  • Language Used :   PHP 5.3
  • Database :   My SQL 5.5
  • User Interface Design :   HTML, AJAX, Javascript
  • Web Browser :   Mozilla, Google Chrome, Internet explorer
Hardware Requirements:
  • Processor                    :  Pentium, AMD or Higher Version.
  • Operating System    :  Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Linux
  • RAM                            :  256 MB, 2GB recommended
  • Hardware Devices   :  Keyboard with mouse
  • Hard disk                   :  10GB or More
  • Display                       :  Standard Output Display
  • ·         It becomes convenient for members to book ground without actually visiting the place thus saves their time.

  • ·         The system calculates proper cost calculations for expected period hence there does not arise any need of negotiating for cost.

  • ·         The system stores and sends all the members details to the admin for requests.

  • ·         The system is easy to use and saves human efforts and cost.

  • ·         Admin has the authority to either approve or disapprove the request for ground booking. So if already there exists a booking for the one that other member is asking for, his request would be disapproved which may disappoint them.Application:

  • ·         This system can be implemented for grounds meant for conducting events.

  • ·         Sports club can utilize this system for conducting sports events.

  •  It can also be used in hotels.

online Sports Club Management System 

Project Rate Rs.2500