Sunday 1 January 2017

online bus system in php project

We have developed Bus Ticket Reservation System using PHP and MySQL. This is the online project works in the website. In this project Passenger books the ticket and he pays through online. This project provides bus details, route information, seats details, billing details, ticket information, seat cancellation, etc
The existing system is not user friendly and the user needs to enter all the details of the passenger manually. It consumes lots time and very confusion. Even in the existing system the passenger has to visit the ticket counter to book the ticket.This is not user friendly.

The passenger can search bus details by entering from and to place. After that he has to select departure date, number of passengers, bus type and seat type. The system will search in the database. After searching the system will display the list of buses. To book the ticket the passenger must create account in the website. The passenger can book the tickets after making payment. Passenger registration required to book ticket. Administrator check weekly report, monthly report, etc. Here Complete Project source code is uploaded. busticket is the database folder.

Functions of this project:
  • User friendly ticket booking option – The details of bus, bus route, Price list, drivers and employee details are maintained in the admin panel.
  • The details of buses and its seatchs maintained and can be updated regularly in the admin panel.
  • Login and book options available for passengers. Passenger needs to register at least one time.
  • Change password, Add users, View users options are available for admin.
  • It will generate the quick reports
  • The calculation part and billing part has very accuracy and efficient.
Software Languages:
Front End : PHP

Back End : MySQL Server

Project Rate :2500
online bus system Video