Sunday 1 January 2017

College Hub PHP Project

Colleg  HUB is a website designed to facilitate and improve the overall communication and coordination amongst students and professors. The website will allow the students to plan activities and events and also have open discussions. Professors can publish assignment questions, while students will be able to answer them and submit them online. Results would also be declared online. Users will also be able to store their personal documents which will be accessible only to the themselves. Admins will be able to monitor the entire system.

Technologies to be used:

Languages: HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL 
Databases: MySQL (PhpMyAdmin) 
Server: Apache (XAMPP)


User sign up: One time registration process for each user 
User log in: Authentication required to use the system 
User HUB: Dashboard where the user can view all the details 
Events and Forums: View, add and participate in student activities, events, forums and discussion 
Locker: A file and document manager where users can store all personal documents 
Email client: Facility to send, receive emails and save drafts 
Blogging: Users can write have their own blogs where they can post articles written by them 
Academics: Publish assignments questions, timetables and results 
Assignments: Submit assignments online 
SMS notifications: Users will be notified about events, activities and results 
Email notifications: Users will be notified about any events, activities, results and other important notifications and changes as opted by the user 
Complaint box: Users can report complaints anonymously and review those complaints filed to the them 
Privacy: Users will be grouped so all the information cannot be accessed by everyone, but only a set of users

Project Rate:2500
College Hub PHP Project Video