Saturday 31 December 2016

online hotel reservation system php project

The Central objective of the Online Hotel Management System project is to provide the information about the hotel as well as online facility for booking rooms. In existing system (i.e. Manual System), person has to go to the Hotel for booking, enquiry etc or another option is telephone booking. But user can’t get detailed information about the hotel the proposed web based system automates it easier for a person to sit at home and book rooms in a hotel. As well as this software system allows administrator to maintain a database for adding a new employee detail, daily attendance and salary calculation of the employee, and also administrator has an ability to view and modify the database content from anywhere at any time.

Hotel Reservation System

Admin Module
In this module admin controls the whole project. This contains sub modules such as Admin login module, employee module, customer module and room status module. Administrator has an authority to handle the front end and also the back end process of the system.
User Module
In this module user can view the information of the website and he/she can also register for lodging in advance with fully advance payment. User has to login into the system for the registration.  User can view only the front end of the website. This contains sub modules like information module, login module, contact module, registration module and reservation module.
This page takes the customer to the login page for reservation. If Customer is a new user the he must register at first and then he can login with his user name and password. After login several procedures like, entering the details in reservation page for booking is to be done.
Front End        :       XHTML, CSS, PHP

Back End         :       My SQL

 Project rate Rs.3500

Hotel Reservation System Video

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