Saturday 31 December 2016

Hotel Booking V 1.1php project

This is multiple Hotel Booking System which handles multiple lodge details. It supports both online booking and offline booking facilities. The main purpose of this projects is to maintain the different lodge records, Room details, Room types (Single Room, Double Room, AC or Non AC), Customer records and its staff details. The customer can register through online and they can login after the registration. It has different types of search option, user can book the room after making the payment.

Hotel Booking System

Front End: PHP
Back end: Mysql Sever
The system has following modules:
  • Hotel module: This module is for administrator where administrator can add different lodges under this module.
  • Room types module: This is room types module where admin can add different types of room under the lodges. The default room types are Single Room, Double Room, AC or Non AC. The admin can upload different types of room images under this module. The uploaded images will appear in the online.
  • Rooms module: This is to add different rooms with room number and its facilities. Even room module has options to upload images.
  • Facilities module: This module will display the different facilities under different room types.
  • Account Module: This module is for customers where customer can register their account details by entering name, address, contact details, etc. After the registration they can login to the account by entering login ID and password. Customer can view all reports after booking the room.
  • Room booking module: Customer must login to the website to book the rooms. There is a option to search where customer can search rooms and different room types. First the page displays different lodge informations, after selecting the lodge the system will display different types of room types, after selecting room types the system will display different rooms under that room types. The customer can book rooms by selecting the room number.
  • Payment module: This is the payment module which appears after selecting the room for reservation. User can make payment by entering their visa, master card or etc.
  • Dashboard module: This module is for administrator and employees. Administrator has full permission to access this site and employee have some privileges to access this site.
  • Report module: Here administrator can view daily, monthly,   weekly reports.
Note: The images, contents we used in this site only for testing purpose.
Project Rate Rs.3500 

Hotel Booking System