Thursday 3 May 2018

Creating Glossy Icon In Photoshop

In this tutorial you will going to learn how to create a grossy effect in icon with photoshop. :)

First : create a new photoshop document with the size 250px by 250px, with a transparent background.
Then create a circle with Elipse Tool ( U ) and holding shift key.


Ok , so now apply same blending option to the layer:
Gradient Overlay
 and Stroke:

 Using Elipse Tool again, draw a smaller circle and center it on the first circle you have created:

Now apply blending option to this second circle layer:
Inner Glow
Gradient Overlay:


It’s time to add our final circle just we did with the previous ones, but we’ll create the last one inside the red so it looks something like this:

For this layer, we will going apply same blending option that we applied to first circle:
Now we’ll going to add some text inside the circle, draw it in the center of the circle just as i did:

Now apply the blending options to your text layer:
*Gradient Overlay

now adding glossy effect, Elliptical Marquee tool do selection just as i did:

Now create a new layer and fill that selection with white ,set that layer opacity down to 25%:

Now you have a great glossy icon is ready. 
If you need help with the tutorial, you can leave a comment using the link just below.